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  Group Creative Director   Digital/Integrated Creative & Strategy   •  Advertising/PR/360° Marketing Platforms  •  Loyalty Building  •  

With over 15 years of marketing experience – both offline and on, from advertising to promotions to relationship building to loyalty programs and social media – there just isn’t much I haven’t seen.


Along the way, I developed the ability to concept, collaborate strategize and play within just about any type of sandbox. And maybe most importantly, learned that just because you can do something … it doesn’t necessarily mean you should.


I started as a copywriter and evolved into a truly integrated management level Creative Director. With a predominant amount of time spent in emerging media.


So take a look at this portfolio. And then I’d welcome the opportunity to talk in person. About what we did. Why we did it. Why some stuff worked. Why some stuff didn’t. How and why we sold it through anyway. Or not. And maybe even about some stuff not in here.


Thanks in advance for your time,

  Selected Work   Gatorade G2   League of Clutch - Gatorade
A 3-Dimentional online experience complete with 360° panoramic videos of Gatorade’s truly clutch athletes and a clutch My Space community. This digital effort was intended to deepen and extend the TV - perhaps in perpetuity.
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  Gatorade G2   Chase/United Credit Card
Pitch for a Chase and UAL combined Mileage Plus Card leveraged the oddly apropos Dr. Seuss’ story “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.” While imagery and language were borrowed, they were updated to better fit the intuitive media placements.
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  Ambrielle – JC Penney  

Ambrielle - JC Penney
We launched a sub-brand with a microsite and online media intending to simultaneously create awareness and drive sales. The site design became the standard for all marketing efforts, while the importance of the purchase path through was never lost.
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  Oreo   The Real Life Adventures of O&M - Oreo
A delightful series of animated shorts that highlighted the Oreo and milk relationship, while also supporting the multiple Oreo Brand Pillars. Of the 50 or so I wrote, 20 went live; each one with a viral consumer focus and a specific Brand message.
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  Marlboro Adventure Team   Marlboro Adventure Team -
Phillip Morris

A massive undertaking with loads of original content, we created a "protected" site in multiple languages highlighting the Marlboro extreme outdoor event in Moab. The concept was to bring the experience, as much as possible, to those who couldn’t be there in person.
view site
  Customer Centricity – Best Buy   Customer Centricity - Best Buy
Best Buy wanted campaign platforms for each of their seven, new consumer-segmented value propositions. The following are 3 presented concepts for their high-end segment - now Magnolia; and the chosen, final campaign for their small business segment. These were then activated as road maps for all their communication efforts.
download "Magnolia" pdf
download "BBFB" pdf
  Nabisco Pitch – SupaFly Fishin'   SupaFly Fishin' - Nabisco Pitch
Successfully pitched the Nabisco work with a unique take on a platform for an online game intended to be about Super Fly-Fishing. We weren't a gaming agency, so I figured we needed to present more than just a game. It worked.
view game
  Snax Stix – Kellogg’s   Snax Stix - Kellogg's
I dubbed them "scotch for kids" internally. A series of Onion-esque articles regaled us with stories of the worst day imaginable, only to have it washed away with after-school Snax-Stix. At the time, it was the most successful online campaign for Kellogg’s ever.
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  Centennial Celebration - Planters Peanuts   Centennial Celebration -
Planters Peanuts

Planters was celebrating their 100th year. We needed to create a launching pad integrating everything from TV and PR to Event Marketing and Packaging. The website became the hub for all of this activity while still generating enough original content to also stand on its own.
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  “Top 3 Percent” and “For Adults Only” – Tropicana   "Top 3 Percent" and "For Adults Only" - Tropicana
Two areas we were asked to play in for a holistic marketing approach for Tropicana. Used only concept statements and key frames to outline media-agnostic platforms for a potential new campaign.
download pdf
  Gatorade G2   Jet Blue - True Blue Program
Launch for Jet Blue’s revamped Loyalty program. Intended to tap into Jet Blue’s community or “cult” of aficionados while introducing the upgraded benefits to both loyalists and new members alike.
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  Gatorade G2   G2 - Gatorade
Integrated online "shell" intended to help introduce a new brand and work seamlessly with other marketing channels like TV and Event Marketing. Flexibility and strong branding were the keys to the design and launch of this online project.
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  Information   Resume (highlights)
  • VP/Group Creative Director - Carlson Marketing Worldwide - 2009-10
  • Creative Director - Element 79 - 2007-08
  • Group Creative Director - Avenue A - Razorfish- 2005-07
  • VP/Director Creative - Digitas- 2004-05
  • Creative Director - iLeo/Leo Burnett (chemistri)- 2000-04
  • Copywriter/ACD - various agencies in Chicago and Los Angeles- 1992-2000
  • B.S, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
Clients (highlights)
  • Ford, Jet Blue, Gatorade, Nabisco, JC Penney, Kraft, Best Buy, P&G, Kellogg’s, Vans, Jensen, Casio, Planters Peanuts, Sears, Chicago 2016, AST Computer, Post
  • Available upon request


  For a full list of References, Resume, Clients or just to get in touch, I can be contacted at or